If I put together enough good episodes in a format that I think is realistic to keep coming out with new episodes, I’ll get a Podcast on iTunes and distributed the right way.  For now, you’ll likely find some of me reading my blog posts from the website of my private psychotherapy practice.  I’ll link to the post in case you want to read.  For now, I’m going to park the one post from my other site that I recorded myself reading and made comments while it was backed by the music of the then recently deceased, Chris Cornell.  I’m parking that audio here and hope to add some podcast like experiments because if I don’t put it out there, I’ll never give it a real shot.  I may post some of my original music, remixes of others’ works, etc.  Not sure what WordPress Copyright Policy is as I often sample others’ works, especially if I’m remixing.

Any feedback is greatly welcomed.  I wish I had the time to do a “real” podcast with a guest or co-host, as I do better in the humor department when there are others.  Don’t kid yourself, I make myself laugh when I’m alone all the time, but must show some restraint about publishing a podcast type show or recording that’s just me and my often not extremely appropriate, but funny and ridiculous (and harmless) thoughts.  If you’ve ever listened to Bill Burr’s Podcast, it’s kind of like that in the sense he is almost free – associating, which takes him down some interesting paths.

Alright party people, that’s it for now – gotta get back to an article I want to write on my other site DashPsychotherapy.com and really first, my domestic duties.


PS. Feel free to hit me up with any ideas.  I have a couple of names I was thinking of for a Podcast if I actually get to that point.  So far, the frontrunner is, “A DASH OF DASH” – with the idea that I’ll either record short episodes at first or more than likely, edit them down to short as I could do that for hours.

Thanks and take it light!

Here’s the Chris Cornell Blog Post Audio Companion from 05/20/2017.  To read the article go to DashPsychotherapy.com or DashTherapy.blog (2 urls to the same destination)

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