Like Surfing or Being Married…

…writing a blog is harder than it looks. I was fortunate to ride a wave for a whopping 3 seconds the first and only “real” time I went surfing, but I wiped out way harder on the marital waves. So as a single dad whose working on his PhD, I don’t know if the extra writing is good for me- you know, keep me sharp with the words, or maybe it’s a nice departure from academic / scholarly writing- which is also much needed.
Point being, I could’ve easily rolled with 140 characters at a time on Twitter, which very well might help us wordy types, say more with less.
I kind of like Twitter, kind of hate it. I’m not going to start getting cathartic on Facebook. Next thing you know, I’ll be crying on LinkedIn.
No, I think getting the domain for the name my parents gave me and finally doing something besides parking a Godaddy notice that says, private property- all trespassers will be shot on site- with bad adverts for domain registration, hosting, and the like. So far so good. I finally took that domain, mapped it for wordpress, and here I am.
At some point soon, I’ll learn how to use this is a productive way, even if it’s just for a couple of laughs (inside jokes included).
So, it’s been fun and I look forward to the downtime I don’t have to at least make this aesthetically pleasing. For now, if someone actually reads this, I’ll still be amazed they stumbled upon us beyond inadvertently.
Time to go back to work. This doctorate is not going teach itself.

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