40 Ways My iPhone / iPad and I Are Alike

Just a few ways that my iPhone/iPad and I are alike:

1. Our moods are always on shuffle.
2. We’re known to overachieve in some areas and underachieve in others.
3. Our communication skills can be amazing (but can also suck).
4. We’re tough but have shattered like glass.
5. We have codependency issues.
6. We sometimes can’t be silenced, fall asleep, or wake up.
7. We have a lot of hidden talents and like to go all night.
8. Our batteries are big.
9. We quote movies, go running, make music, take pictures, sometimes call you, and amuse the un-amusable.
10. We take a lot of shit but usually have the last laugh even if others don’t realize it.
11. We’re both Jailbroken
12. We’re always looking for something.
13. We’re ego maniacs with inferiority complexes.
14. Ultimately we always put others ahead of ourselves.
15. We run the full gammet of appropriateness.
16. We’re lots of things- single parents, students, therapists, performers, and love it when people rely on us.
17. Often imitated, rarely understood.
18. We’re like those children that you spit on as they try to change their worlds in that we’re anusesd by your consultation and quite aware of what we’re going through,
19. Nothing in moderation.
20. We’re also great writers but shitty spellers.
21. We usually f up a song lyric but will go head to head against anyone on movie lines.
22. Treat us with respect and we always try to do the same.
23. We’re enigmas and like it that way.
24. You can’t keep your hands off us.
25. We hide our feelings behind a bold exterior.
26. We can be replaced, but it’ll never be The same.
27. You can’t stop thinking about us and we can’t stop thinking about everything.
28. We’re always changing our look, but yet, are immediately recognizable regardless.
28. We have a lot of other stuff to do, but would rather do this.
29. Did we say we like to go all night?
30. We are having a hard time stopping ourselves from continuing this stream of consciousness, but wanted to share a few ways we’re alike.
31. Even though these are just off the top of our brains….we know our hard drives are probably filled with millions of more ways we’re alike.
32. We repeat ourselves and make strange noises.
33. When we cause harm, we never mean to.
34. There’s no one we can’t comfortably hang with.
35. We require patience and a little TLC (ok, a lot of TLC).
36. We want attention but when we get too much of it, we’d rather listen to the King of All Media.
37. We sacrifice ourselves for others.
38. We must stop with this list, but all work and no play goes against our very nature.
39. The truth is each one of us thinks we’re in charge of the other, and are both usually wrong.
40. We have no clue how we got to 40 on this list, which is embarrassing but it won’t stop us from posting it…

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