FLIGHT:Denzel playing a drunk flight captain vs MAN ON FIRE: Where Denzel acted with no regard as to how his traumatic demise would be considered.

Though all the parallels throughout both films, a far deeper level of acting is necessary when discussing Man on Fire!

First of all, we know very little of Denzel’s commercial airline pilot in Flight. Booze, drinking, partying doesn’t seem to interfere during the many minimized predated flights which are hardly referenced except to say the man is an experienced captain.

Factor of the matter, these two characters are radically different but in Flight this appears due to the constricting manner of the script.

A Man on Fire evokes feelings of retribution- from a missed suicide attempt (a dud – what are the odds of that). That scene was pivotal and immediately Denzel’s Greecie was involved in teaching his “daughter” how to improve and thus begin to win swimming competitions but more importantly a self-trust this child had yet rather easily illustrated and vice-versa.

For this film, although more violent, but conversely less competitive A man on Fire is filled with redemption for almost each character.

That fact need not be a rare comparison; Flight digs deep as a an overt statement regarding substance, alcohol abuse as well as addiction. Tough love is at a minimal here.

As you can geuss, this writer feels as though Man on Fire makes such a stronge humanistic connection between Denzel and with the ultimate sacrifices made so his surrogete daughter has a life. Denzel gives her another chance to develp in a warm caring family, itself somewhat retributed. Ultimately Denzel’s horrors of his past will try to rear their ugly facesl He decides to go out on top sober, and with a true belief in GOD’s Will.

I could”ve sritten much more on this topic, but alas, I must sleep. Stay tuned for my thoughts on Django Unchained & My thoughts on zero dark 30, as weel as SilverLing Playbook.

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