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It should be codenamed Pussy(Cat), but let’s not bullshit each other, it’s really a central hub for iOS5, which was and is the number one priority for this product.

I haven’t really weighed in on Apple’s New version of OSX, Lion, even though I was an early and blind adaptor installing it on my primary machine the minute I could on release day.  It’s got its little bugs that I look forward to being worked out in future updates, but for now, I’m not that impressed.

Using the VCI-300-Mark II by Vestax to control my 10,000+ track itunes library with Serato Itch is pretty fuckin’ cool. I see some djs online complaining about the lack of effects and to get them you need to buy the VXF-1 for another $250-$300.

Not wanting to buy yet another piece of hardware, I tried an experiment that cost much less and is more fun than a few dials for effects. I took one of the line-outs from the mixer/ controller and ran it through my iPad using the iRig.

Now you can use one of many apps to add effects to your mix. There’s Amplitude made by IK who makes the iRig, but most of the effect pedals (after all it is an app for guitarists) are in-app purchases. Same goes for both “free” editions the standard and the Fender.

Improvox allows you to manipulate mostly vocal corrective effects (think Autotune) however it’s more fun dragging your finger around the isomf a slider.