Apple’s OSX 10.7, Lion has got no f’n Roar!

It should be codenamed Pussy(Cat), but let’s not bullshit each other, it’s really a central hub for iOS5, which was and is the number one priority for this product.

I haven’t really weighed in on Apple’s New version of OSX, Lion, even though I was an early and blind adaptor installing it on my primary machine the minute I could on release day.  It’s got its little bugs that I look forward to being worked out in future updates, but for now, I’m not that impressed.

In fact, I found a little freeware utility via that allows for tweaks of Lion that make it more intuitive and less dressed up in certain areas, for the sake of newness.  The utility is called Lion Tweaks and it’s only 1MB.  You can get it here just be sure to install it on your startup disk.

It offered much more than what I’ve used, but here is what I’ve used so far:

Disclaimer:  Some of my OSX Lion annoyances, are only because I’m not used to them.  Others are legitimately bordering on problematic (ok, that’s a stretch but I’ve already started using this utility and on the list change the following from the 2nd column):

– Show the user Library Folder

– Get a new Stack (Dock) List

– Highlight Stack Items on Mouseover

– Enable repeating keys —-drives me nuts that this doesn’t happen automatically and yes it’s modifiable in system preferences but the default sucks.

– Disable crash Dialogue Popup – TIME FOR A CRUSHING!  I’m convinced this in and of itself has created more forced quits than the problem it’s supposed to have me quantify for it.  Why doesn’t it do the work? Build a reporting system that analyzes the crash log, you lazy cocksuckers.  You’re gonna have fat fuckin’ Ethyl in Alcoa, Tenn tell you why her iPhoto crashed in her words?  I can already see the job postings for redneck translator at Cupertino.  Must be able to translate redneck speak for engineers to modify the operating system with Cocoa, Objective-C.  I smell the beginning of my next blog post.

– Disable resume for a single app.  I’ll have to play around with this one.  It’s plenty annoying when you launch QuickTime Pro and the fine feature video clip you were just screening automatically opens up.  Might as well hop around MacBook pro in hand, pants around my ankles, like some deranged, mal-adjusted rabbit with a laundry list of compulsive behaviors.

– Enable the hidden FTP-Server.

– The rest is not as crucial in my opinion but I haven’t looked too closely.

– The only real aesthetic I did modify was by changing the iCal from Leather UI to Aluminum.  Less of a cartoon.  I don’t miss having a file-a-fax, so why would Apple want any of their core apps to look like one.  Hanging with the Mormons over at Franklin’s Quest?

Anyway, this little 1MB utility makes some of the above changes and much more without having to deal with the terminal, which when making multiple decisions, always makes me feel more comfortable.

I’m sure I’ll have more to say especially as I’m now running iOS 5 beta 5 on my iphone and there’s a lot of cool shit there as well.  Certainly a lot more coolness than Lion.  It’s obvious that this is the platform Apple is allocating it’s resources for.  Some of the coolest new features could use a hardware bump, which I look forward to every year, so an iPhone 5 not just a 4 with more beef under the hood would be great.

I registered for a corporate developer account as I have some ideas for apps that could be worthwhile.  I’ll update on that too.

In the meantime, “keep ya ears to the grindstone.”

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