A Note Of Gratitude For Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs, your legacy has been living on for years now. Your influence is seen everywhere from shape of vehicles to the blending of functional devices thought for years as mutually exclusive. Your fearless dedication to your many visions bringing them to people across the globe. You’ve changed how the world does many things. In fact, your impact on this great planet will not be fully understood for many years to come. Just like your ideas of unique visionaries from Einstein to Miles Davis, if you had any fear of originality, you harnessed it in ways that only made you that much more of an original. As a single father, you’ve made my life more efficient, my daughter’s learning experiences more enriched, and assured that these special moments we share are easily accessible should we feel like viewing them, sharing them, and even having them bound into books. Because of you, I’ll have HD video of such events as vacations, concerts, and outdoor activities to the simple moments taken for granted- a shared laugh, a mutual adoration for music and movies.

For many young children, their dad’s knowledge in his ability to answer some of their many questions, makes him a larger than life Superman. When this same fairly knowledgable man can get the answer for any question thrown at him (save those existential questions pondered since the dawn of man and by the great ancient thinkers of the 5th Century BC) with a quick few finger movements on his phone, Superman has become some kind of Super-Diety.

For all the stories, rumors, gossip, and misunderstandings, I can’t think of an image of you where you are not smiling, that ethereal smile that is not forced, but comes as an extension of the soul. I think of that smile as I come up on almost 10 years of almost exclusively using Apple products and will continue to think of that smile as I tell my daughter years from now who helped make it so we can easily access those milestones and special moments. I’ve been classified as an Early Adopter, which is only a source of pride when it comes to Apple products.

Rest In Peace Steve. I don’t know what your views on death were, except for a few things I read, but I’m sure if you believed in a heaven or reincarnation or just the soul’s energy continuing on, wherever you are it’s signs have been changed and all those jokes about the pearly gates of heaven will start with “….the pearly gates of iHeaven.”

The world lost a true original. Thank you for all you’ve done to allow us all to live more peaceful caring and connected lives through technology.

You will be missed more than can be adequately expressed.

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