Month: November 2011

“U2 From the Sky Down: The Story of the Making of U2’s Achtung Baby” is a film that debuted this Summer at the Toronto Film Festival with much hype.  Having returned back to resume their most ambitious tour, perhaps the film got lost in the resuming of the massive tour that was U2360.  That is till Showtime appeared to have all of the sudden not only have purchased the rights but were airing it this past Saturday 10/29/11.  It appeared to be a well-kept secret.  I saw one ad in Rolling Stone and while setting up my DVR to record it only days before it was scheduled to air, my DVR had no information regarding the day and time planned. didn’t provide an additional help as I bailed for where there were a couple of clips and shorts but also lacked the specifics regarding its airing schedule.  So, the information was found and the DVR was set manually.